Newton Police Department

I moved to the cloud for several reasons, but the most important was security of my Departments RMS data. With the constant threat of Cyber-attacks moving to the cloud enhanced the security of the current and archived data by removing the server from the internal network […] A couple of other reasons were interoperability, redundancy and information sharing with other PSAPS who use Enforsys within my county. During Covid I lost 90% of my dispatch staff and almost had to rely on another PSAP to dispatch for police fire and EMS.

As a contingency plan Enforsys was able to set up a login so another PSAP could connect to my department’s RMS through the cloud and seamlessly dispatch, create CADS and capture all the data as if it was being done in house.

Lastly was the cost: it was time for a server upgrade and with the ever-increasing costs of servers, maintenance, and IT support, it was cost effective to go to the cloud and have one vendor handle everything related to the RMS platform