Fire and Emergency Medical Services

ESP could be easily deployed at any emergency services organization, such as, Fire, EMS, Rescue, and Haz-Mat.

The Emergency Software Products (ESP) suite of software solutions has been serving the Emergency Services organizations of Fire, EMS, Rescue and Haz-Mat since 1980, helping them to organize and maintain better record keeping systems. In 2005, Enforsys acquired ESP strengthening the product offerings to the combined Public Safety markets. Now, with our vast selection of powerful, easy to use systems, ESP can help your organization track data accurately and maintain state standards for record keeping and reporting. ESP systems can be custom built to your organization’s specifications, giving you the ability to track your data the way you want, when you need to. And, while many pre-defined reports come with the systems, ESP systems have an in-depth query and report building function, allowing you to further tailor your data collection and presentation.

We are firefighters and medically trained professionals. We have been on the front line and have been responsible for behind the scenes administrative duties as officers in our respective departments. We know that you’re working with fewer members than ever before, and do not have the time to concentrate on Administrative Record Keeping – though this function is critical to your day-to-day life. With over 450 installations across the country, we also know that this is where Emergency Software Products is designed to help.

Key Features include:

  • NFIRS.5.0 Plus Incident Reporting
  • Comprehensive Inspection System
  • Pre-Fire Planning
  • Inventory and Maintenance Manager
  • Fire and Arson Investigations
  • Fire Lane Ticket System
  • Hydrants Location and Maintenance Records
  • EMS Incident Reporting


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“Enforsys is a very user-friendly and powerful computer-aided dispatch and records management solution backed by a very responsive sales and customer service team.”

Chief of Police, Little Silver, NJ

"As Chief of the Livingston Police Department I consider the Enforsys products to be superior to any other similar products on the market. Their support staff provides excellent customer service and is always available to assist with any issues that may arise. We have been and will continue to be a long time customer!"

Chief of Police, Livingston, NJ 

"The River Vale Police Department has been a customer of Enforsys since 2003. Enforsys Polisys CAD and RMS suite has proven to be a dependable and established product that will suit the needs of any department, large or small. Customer service second to none and software so user friendly you are up and running in no time!"

Chief of Police, River Vale, NJ