Polisys® 4.0

Integrated Computer Aided Dispatch, Records Management, Mobile Solution

PoliSys 4.0 is a forward leaning fully integrated multi-jurisdictional state-of-the-art decision support system that includes CAD, RMS, and full mobile computing capabilities. It provides robust state-of-the-art incident call processing which enables efficient workflow operation. The application’s mapping and paging features enhance the dispatching operation. 4.0 comes with a host of third-party interfaces, modules and features. The 4.0 CAD and RMS user interfaces have been developed for efficiency after thousands of hours of interviews with more than 100 police departments over two decades, and years of use case experience in operation at Tier 1 and Tier 2 law enforcement agencies.

  • Designed for multi-jurisdictional or single agency use
  • User-friendly Master Name Index features
  • A library of hundreds of fillable reports
  • Flexible CAD configurations
  • Multiple agency dispatch management configurations
  • CAD mapping and call history
  • Enhanced data export, analysis and visualization capabilities
  • Information sharing integration across Enforsys customers
    available through the I-3 Exchange
  • Accessible from “anywhere/any device” capabilities

Features and Modules:

  • Alarm Billing
  • Tow Rotation
  • Scheduling
  • Special Needs Registry
  • Master Name Index
  • Resident Module
  • “Next-call” incident pinning on web maps (Google, Bing, etc) for dispatch and mobile units
  • UCR/NIBRS submissions

Third-Party Interfaces:

  • Sagem Morpho Fingerprinting
  • Livescan
  • GTBM Enhanced InfoCop
  • GTBM Back Trace
  • GTBM Automated eTicketing
  • Import emsCharts
  • Tableau Dashboards
  • WTH Maps
  • Beast Evidence
  • POSS Scheduling
  • Zetron Tone Alerts
  • FireHouse

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“Enforsys is a very user-friendly and powerful computer-aided dispatch and records management solution backed by a very responsive sales and customer service team.”

Chief of Police, Little Silver, NJ

"As Chief of the Livingston Police Department I consider the Enforsys products to be superior to any other similar products on the market. Their support staff provides excellent customer service and is always available to assist with any issues that may arise. We have been and will continue to be a long time customer!"

Chief of Police, Livingston, NJ 

"The River Vale Police Department has been a customer of Enforsys since 2003. Enforsys Polisys CAD and RMS suite has proven to be a dependable and established product that will suit the needs of any department, large or small. Customer service second to none and software so user friendly you are up and running in no time!"

Chief of Police, River Vale, NJ

"I just wanted to thank you and your team for their assistance in bringing Enforsys [CAD/RMS] back on line for us. […] our Enforsys server went down and was unable to restart due to RAID controller failure. […] Your team was able assist and guide me on the best methods to accomplish this. They had spent many hours, including John Zeller who spent several hours on site to assist. I would like to thank your team, particularly John Zeller, Vincent Tortoriello and Reinaldo Borrero for their efforts. Not only did they exhibit their technical abilities, they also exhibited their ability to work confidently with other IT professionals in order to resolve our issues."

New Jersey Police Department Customer