I moved to the cloud for several reasons, but the most important was security of my Departments RMS data. With the constant threat of Cyber-attacks moving to the cloud enhanced the security of the current and archived data by removing the server from the internal network […] A couple of other reasons were interoperability, redundancy and information sharing with other PSAPS who use Enforsys within my county. During Covid I lost 90% of my dispatch staff and almost had to rely on another PSAP to dispatch for police fire and EMS.

As a contingency plan Enforsys was able to set up a login so another PSAP could connect to my department’s RMS through the cloud and seamlessly dispatch, create CADS and capture all the data as if it was being done in house.

Lastly was the cost: it was time for a server upgrade and with the ever-increasing costs of servers, maintenance, and IT support, it was cost effective to go to the cloud and have one vendor handle everything related to the RMS platform

Steven Vannieuwland
Chief of Police
Newton Police Department,
Sussex County, New Jersey

We have used Enforsys for over 20 years. During this time period we have found them to have delivered a superior product when it comes to multijurisdictional dispatching and reliability. We dispatch for over 20 agencies, Police, Fire, and EMS. It has been a great tool for our dispatchers and takes a lot of the decision making out of their hands when it comes to recommending units.

Their software incorporates a number of add on functions to facilitate notifications to first responders. This includes text paging, hot printers, interface with third party alerting services, and mobile units.

They have prompt and courteous customer service. Their technicians work hand in hand with our CAD administrator to provide constant updating and implementation of requested changes to the software as our work requirements evolve.

Wayne Lougheed
Director (ret)
Northwest Bergen Central Dispatch

The Sea Isle City Police Department is a returning Enforsys customer. We had used Enforsys the first time for about 10 years, tried another system, but came back to Enforsys in 2019. We have found the Enforsys system to be the most robust and user-friendly. Their customer service is the best-in-class. They not only continue to innovate their products but also are sincerely interested in addressing customer suggestions, ideas, and concerns. They incorporate improvements into the software at little or no cost to their customers. They deliver on the promise to provide a system to support officer safety. The new NIBRS platform, completely integrated with their software, is one example of their leadership in providing CAD/RMS solutions in New Jersey. I have and will continue to recommend Enforsys to other police departments.

Thomas McQuillen
Chief of Police (ret)
Sea Isle City Police Department

We have been pushing for more and more use of the CAD instead of forms and reduce the amount of paperwork being filed. The CAD has been able to do so much for us. Love working with you guys!!

Edward Kukalski
Rochelle Park Police Department

The customer service is second to none in the industry and now we have the added benefit of having the ONLY integrated NIBRS reporting system that makes the transition seamless.

Dean M. Pinto
Chief of Police
Rochelle Park Police Department

I would like to thank your team, particularly John Zeller, Vincent Tortoriello and Reinaldo Borrero for their efforts. Not only did they exhibit their technical abilities, they also exhibited their ability to work confidently with other IT professionals in order to resolve our issues.

New Jersey Police Department

The River Vale Police Department has been a customer of Enforsys since 2003. Enforsys Polisys CAD and RMS suite has proven to be a dependable and established product that will suit the needs of any department, large or small. Customer service second to none and software so user friendly you are up and running in no time!

William C. Giordano
Chief of Police
River Vale Police Department

I just wanted to thank you and your team for their assistance in bringing Enforsys [CAD/RMS] back on line for us. […] our Enforsys server went down and was unable to restart due to RAID controller failure. […] Your team was able to assist and guide me on the best methods to accomplish this. They had spent many hours, including John Zeller who spent several hours on site to assist.

New Jersey Police Department

In Livingston we have been using Enforsys since about 2008. Its ease of use and ability to search past calls make it perfect for our agency. The latest version makes it very easy for officers to enter notes into the CAD system as well. We would recommend this product for all police agencies.

John Drumm
Livingston Police Department

Enforsys is a very user-friendly and powerful computer-aided dispatch and records management solution backed by a very responsive sales and customer service team.

Daniel Shaffery
Chief of Police (ret)
Little Silver Police Department