Enforsys – April 2020

Enforsys, Inc. a leading supplier in the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), and Fire Safety Systems announced the following new and enhanced capabilities, designed to aid departments with their growing needs. Enforsys in partnership with PoliceITSupport.org is offering a web-based resident complaint portal. Through this portal, a department can allow residents of the township to report simple crimes/complaints. The complaints are then sent to the officer responsible for follow-ups. Agencies will be able to supplement the portal with forms as needed to customize it to their needs. Users of the portal will also be able to submit images and/or videos to add to and substantiate their complaint.

Enforsys can provide incident-based mapping options to command level staff of all incidents related to COVID-19. Additionally, Enforsys can also provide a pin map of all COVID-19 warnings entered into the system for use by command level staff only, following current Attorney General guidelines, which may be subject to change.

Furthermore, the Polisys EE application can track “location-based” businesses or addresses where there is the possibility/confirmation that someone has become or is infected with COVID-19.

Finally, Enforsys can in most cases provide a quick update to the existing Emergency Medical Guide Card file used by dispatchers and responding officers to help asses and quickly address medical situations. This update includes the best practices for COVID-19 encounters as per the State of New Jersey Department of Health.

Enforsys, Inc recognizes that during these unprecedented times, our country’s first responders are taking even greater risks than normal and it does not go unnoticed. Enforsys is doing everything possible as a company to assist all customers by continuing to provide support as well as working towards providing additional tools for customers during this crisis.