Enforsys announces NIBRS readiness

Following up from a communication from the New Jersey State Police in regards to the eventual adoption of the NIBRS standards in New Jersey, Enforsys, Inc. announced that it has already architected its application so that it will be ready to comply with any State requirements related to NIBRS capabilities.

“Enforsys has extensive experience providing a NIBRS-based solution within our PoliSys® EE application,” according to former Police Chief and Enforsys CMO Bill Plate, “including working solutions  that have already been implemented in Massachusetts and Ohio.  The Enforsys NIBRS application is ready to accommodate different state “flavors” of NIBRS reporting requirements.”

Once the State of Jersey makes critical determinations about how NIBRS will be defined in the State, and provides definite necessary information about timing Enforsys will configure our NIBRS-based application accordingly. Additional information on NIBRS developments will be updated and available on our website as well as our newsletter which you can get for free if you sign up at http://www.enforsys.com.

Contact Steve Sargese ([email protected]) or Bill Plate ([email protected]) or call our office at 973-576-9000 for any additional information or to answer any questions you may have.